Living with the Holy


Creating a liturgical practice for faith formation




Every moment provides us an opportunity to:

  1. Pay attention (stop & recognize God’s presence)
  2. Create Space (take time to acknowledge, claim & reflect on God’s love)
  3. Do Holy Work (respond to God’s gifts of love and grace)
  4. Bless each other

3 steps for Living with the Holy

  1. Identify one moment when you and your household will pay attention to God.
  2. Participate in the liturgy together
  3. Repeat daily/weekly/monthly so that it becomes a Holy Ritual for you and others.

“The easiest way to learn to write a blessing is to do it” Begin by blessing any old stick you find lying around.  “Bless you stick, for being you.” ~Barbara Brown Taylor in An Altar in the World.  

Resource for this work: Living with the Holy

antique-clock_543456Morning Hours                            Afternoon Hours                Evening Hours 


3 thoughts on “Living with the Holy

  1. I lead my children in prayer on our way to school every day. I ask them what they’re thankful for, and what they need God’s help with, and then we pray together.


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