Family Faith Formation

Family Ministries

Affirmation for Families

We believe that the family is the primary community through which persons enter into life…

We believe that families are communities of commitment that are diverse in size, configuration, ethnicity, and culture…

We believe the mission of the family is human growth and faith development…

We believe that families have a responsibility to live daily lives of faithful discipleship…

We believe in the shared responsibility of parenting by men and women who are responsible for children in the household…

We believe children and youth are to be shown and taught the meaning of the Christian faith and the observance of the disciplines of the faith…

We believe that the local congregation is the faith community into which diverse families are received, assisted in their faith development and spiritual growth, guided and equipped for ministry, and supported as they live out their faith daily in the community and the world. ….


Prayer for those who lead family ministries in the local congregation

O God of all families,

Help me as I lead my congregation to be open to the many possibilities for family ministries within our congregation.

Help me lead our congregation so that it can be an open door through which all families can come to know you.

Help me work in such a way that my ego and my needs do not shape our ministries for families.

Open my mind and those who will work in family ministries so that we can see all the needs of families, but do not let us buy paralyzed by those needs.

Let hospitality, graciousness, love, and kindness be our guide as we plan and work on behalf of families in our congregation and in our community. Amen.

From Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 

Family Ministries:  Supporting Families for Faith and Service

A note from Tanya:

It is my prayer that the resources found on this blog might help guide you in your ministry with families. If something is missing please let me know. Blessings to you and your ministry.


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