Healthy Families Webinar Series



Descriptions of individual webinars

Session 1: What Does it Mean to be a Family?

This interactive webinar will help participants discern the church’s role in supporting family health. Webinar leaders will be DM and GCSRW with an introduction of CFH and all three agencies will discuss how they touch on healthy families.

Session 2: Five Dimensions of Health

This interactive webinar will discuss the 5 dimensions of health highlighting how church leaders can nurture these aspects of health in their communities.

Session 3: Nurturing Active Families

Join us for this interactive webinar on how families can grow together through play, movement and healthy nutrition. Fun and creativity are crucial factors.

Session 4: Strengthening Families

Role modeling and mentoring is important for developing strong families. Join Global Ministries as they share how the church can support families in this holy work.

Session 5: Experiencing God Together

This interactive webinar will share ways families can practice spiritual disciplines as they connect to God and each other.

Session 6: Tackling Challenges of Clergy Families

Join us as we look at unique stresses for clergy families including sexism and racism and how church can be supportive and demonstrate God’s love for families across many experiences.

Session 7: Finances: Setting Healthy Goals

This interactive webinar will discuss how to nurture healthy giving, saving, and spending habits in your family and include ideas for teaching children about money.