Liturgy and Ritual

The words, symbols, and actions we use form our liturgy. This is the language we use to express our faith and communicate with God and each other.

These pieces matter. Our liturgy provides us ways to practice the means of grace, loving God (works of piety) and loving neighbor (works of mercy). We use our words, symbols, and actions to engage in relationship with one another, to build community, and to do God’s Holy work.

Ritual is a series of actions that are repeated regularly according to a prescribed order. When we create a liturgy and use it over and over again we are creating a Holy ritual that allows us to practice being in communication and relationship with God and with neighbor. As Christians, we participate in ritual in order to set aside space and time to be in relationship with God opening ourselves up to God’s transforming grace and love. Through repetition and practice we become aware of God’s presence and open to the Spirit allowing God’s love to move and dwell with in us stirring us to action.

No matter our age we can participate in liturgy at any point of the day, creating a ritual for our lives and the lives of those we are in relationship with.  I invite you to find time in your day to stop, pay attention, and respond to God’s presence in your life. For practical ways to add liturgy and create ritual see: Living with the Holy: Creating a liturgical practice for faith formation in the home, at work, at school, and at play


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