Pay Attention

budding flowerPay Attention
Symbol to Look for: Flowers
May is often a month when we start to look for flowers and signs of new life all around us. This month, every time you see a flower, stop and talk to God:
God, thank you for flowers. Help us remember that we are growing too. Guide us as we grow, sharing your love with others.
Virtue to Practice: Charity
        I Wonder…
  • When have you shared God’s love with someone else? Think about a time when you helped someone. What did you do? How did it make you feel? Charity means helping others who are in need. God calls us to love and help our neighbors.
  • Who is God calling you to help? Charity, helping others, is one way we share Christ’s love. Think about who might need your help. Maybe there are homeless persons in your community who could use food, or a child at your school who needs a backpack or a new book to read. How can you share God’s love, helping those in your community?
God Encounters:
  • Journal: When we show charity and help others, it is important to write it down, take a picture, or draw that experience on paper. This helps us remember how we felt and the impact we made by helping someone else. You might also want to write down times when someone offers charity and helps you. Writing down our stories help us say thank you to God for the helpers in the world and to remember that God calls us to be charitable as often as we can.
  • Share: Tell your family and friends when you help others and when others help you. Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #famfaithform.