2016 Webinar Resources

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2016 Webinars

Family Faith Formation

Strengthening families

Original Airdate: June 21st, 2016

SFP for 21 June Webinar

Strengthening Families Handout_AC



Camp and Retreat Ministry

Original Airdate: May 5th, 2016

Camp and Retreat Ministry Resources

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Transitioning from Multigenerational to Intergenerational

Original Airdate: April 14th, 2016

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Christian Home Month 2016

Family Faith Formation Series:

Christian Home Month

Original Airdate: April 5th, 2016

An interactive webinar that will help church leaders & families create and practice liturgy and ritual in their homes.

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Christian Home Month

Living with the Holy (Connecting with God every day)

Faith Formation resources (Lists of resources to strengthen your ministry)

Family and Leader Newsletter

passing it onFamily Faith Formation Series:

Passing it on: Q & A with author Kara Lassen Oliver

Original Airdate: March 10th, 2016

Recommended Resources 

Passing it On by Kara Lassen Oliver.

Kara’s website

Downloads for Families during Lent

Get Your Spirit in Shape Podcast: Family Devotions with Kara Oliver and Jenny Youngman 

Scrambled Starts: Prayers for Morning, Bedtime and Every Time In Between by Jenny Youngman 

ephesians 4

 Intergenerational Ministry Series:

Why Intergenerational?

Original Airdate: February 11th, 2016

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Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation Series:

Resolutions, Goals, & Ministry Plans

Original Airdate: January 14th, 2016

Recommended Resources 

Hurry Less, Worry Less for Families, Judy Christie.

Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning. Nancy Fuchs.

The Family Blessing. Rolf Garborg.

Passing it On. Kara Lassen Oliver.

Handouts from the webinar

Family Faith Formation Resources