2016 Christian Home Month Resource (now available)

Christian Home Month 2016

Families Called to Hope

The 2016 Christian Home Month resource is for family ministry leaders, ministry teams, and council chairpersons/coordinators in local congregations. It is designed to help local congregations develop and strengthen faith in the home and to celebrate Christian Home Month. Although Christian Home Month is typically celebrated during the month of May, congregations may choose any month of the year to focus on the Christian home and its key role as a center for faith formation.

Our theme for 2016 is Families Called to Hope. We live in a tumultuous time; the television news, Internet, and other forms of media inundate us with images and stories of violence, political controversy, inequality, and hate. It seems that sin, violence, and corruption surround us and take all the joy out of living. We have much to fear. Yet, we know that as Christians we are called to be a people of hope. We hope for a better world where everyone will feel and experience God’s love, peace, justice, and grace.

This downloadable PDF includes worship service resources, a retreat plan, and devotional activities for families as they foster a spirit of hope in their homes. We trust that you will find something in this resource that will inspire, encourage, and affirm you as you continue in this important work to which you are called.

DOWNLOAD the 2016 Christian Home Month planning resource [PDF]


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